iPhone users have more deviant sex

Sex and SmartPhones

Analyzing data from their online poll, OkCupid has discovered that iPhone users have twice as many sexual partners as Android users.  Dead Serious News has analyzed the raw data from the OkCupid poll which indicate that iPhone users engage in more deviant sex than Android and BlackBerry users combined.

Thousands of Apple fanboys form suicide pact

Steve Jobs

Apple has had a cultlike following for years.  Apple devotees, or “fanboys” as they refer to themselves, have always been willing to pay a premium for any product with the famous Apple logo on it.  When Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, takes the stage during a webcast, the fanboys’ eyes are glued to their computer monitors, blissfully impervious to […]

New tool helps blind people with toilet cleanup

WA Wand

“How do blind people know when they’re done wiping?” mused a comedian during his stand up performance.  If you’re visually impaired, knowing when you’re done wiping is no laughing matter.  Wipe Advisors LLC think they have the answer to that age old question.

New genetically-engineered plants thrive on urine

Scientists at The Golden Showers Bio-tech Institute in Willyslap, North Carolina have developed a genetically-engineered line of plants that are designed to be grown in parts of the world where water is a scarce resource.

Russian teen creates iPad app that provides sexual stimulation

iPad back

Leonid Jackinov, a 16 year old Russian teen from Moscow, has used his intellect and raging male hormones to create a groundbreaking iPad app that if it doesn’t set the world on fire, certainly might set your loins on fire.