Cash-strapped Greek animal shelter lets online users kill animals

Dog in carbon monoxide chamber

The current financial crisis in Greece has wide-ranging consequences for everyone, including their animal population.  Greeks are unable to afford their pets or donations to animal shelters, creating a critical situation.  One shelter believes it has found a win-win solution-let online visitors euthanize unwanted pets from the comfort of their homes.

Bukkake party raises $100,000 for Japan earthquake victims

bukkake girl

One thousand men in Nagato, Japan paid $100 each to participate in a bukkake party to raise relief funds for Japan’s recent earthquake victims.  Bukkake is a group sex act in which a group of men take turns ejaculating on a woman.

French president bombs Libya to impress hot wife

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

French President Nicolas Sarkozy officially sent French air power into Libya to enforce a U.N. Security Council sanctioned no-fly zone to protect rebel forces.  A source within the French government told Dead Serious News that Sarkozy had a different motivation.

Earthquake in Japan causes world shortage of Ben Wa balls

Ben Wa Balls

Northern Japan, recently devastated by a 9.0 earthquake, is home to 90% of the world’s production of Ben Wa balls.  The earthquake and subsequent tsunami have all but halted production of this high demand product.

Egypt cuts internet amid chaos, porn addicts riot

Egyptian porn protest

With Egypt on the brink of anarchy, the Egyptian government has completely cut off internet access to all its citizens.  The action has brought a new wave of protesters to the streets of Cairo-porn addicts.