“Anatomically correct” Steve Jobs action figure to go on sale

A Taiwanese doll manufacturer announced today its plans to produce an “anatomically correct” Steve Jobs action figure that will go on sale in the next few months.  Ding Ling, a privately owned company, admitted that it had invited controversy.

Thousands of Apple fanboys hold candlelight vigil for Steve Jobs

candlelight vigil

Up to 10,000 Apple devotees, or “fanboys” as they refer to themselves, have formed a candlelight vigil outside of Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Verizon iPhone found in massage parlor after police raid

Verizon iPhone

A Las Vegas Police Department spokesperson has confirmed that a Verizon Wireless iPhone was found at a downtown massage parlor after a police raid. The Happy Touch Oriental Massage Parlor had been the subject of a six month long police investigation into prostitution and money laundering.  Las Vegas is hosting the 2011 International CES this week, […]

Bedridden fat woman becomes online dating sensation

Half Ton Henrietta

A thousand pound woman has become a meteoric hit on OKCupid, the popular online dating site.  Half_Ton_Henrietta, the woman’s online screen name, unabashedly advertises her promiscuity on a blanket in her profile picture. Unable to get out of bed, Half_Ton_Henrietta relies on men she meets through OKCupid not only to feed her, but to empty […]

“Percy Cummings” top Tweet of 2010


Percy Cummings, who was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a TSA agent during a pat-down last month, was Twitter’s top Tweet for 2010, according to a company spokesperson.