Russian teen creates iPad app that provides sexual stimulation

iPad backLeonid Jackinov, a 16 year old Russian teen from Moscow, has used his intellect and raging male hormones to create a groundbreaking iPad app that if it doesn’t set the world on fire, certainly might set your loins on fire.

Named after its creator, iJackinov has been an instant sensation in Apple’s iPad App Store despite the $29.95 price tag.  Early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.  The blogosphere has also been buzzing over  iJackinov.

Using the iPad Wi-Fi antenna, iJackinov sends a focused signal that can stimulate very sensitive areas of the male and female anatomies.  The iPad Wi-Fi antenna is located behind the Apple logo on the back.  The Apple logo must be placed within a couple of inches of the target of stimulation.  The signal has been described as “intensely erotic” by both male and female reviewers.

There has also been interest in iJackinov from the medical community, as well as the porn industry.