iPhone users have more deviant sex

Sex and SmartPhonesAnalyzing data from their online poll, OkCupid has discovered that iPhone users have twice as many sexual partners as Android users.  Dead Serious News has analyzed the raw data from the OkCupid poll which indicate that iPhone users engage in more deviant sex than Android and BlackBerry users combined.

Among the findings:

* iPhone users masturbate 5.8 times per week on average.

* 40% of female iPhone users admitted to be on the receiving end of a Dirty Sanchez, while 28% of male iPhone users admitted as such.

* 34% of iPhone users have visited the emergency room to have foreign objects removed from their rectums.

* 62% of male iPhone users admitted to patronizing prostitutes, while 26% of female iPhone users admitted to selling sexual services.

* 14% of male iPhone users have flown to Asia to seek prepubescent prostitutes. 

* 87% of male iPhone users shave their scrotum.  74% of female iPhone users shave their pubic hair.

* 42% of iPhone users regularly sniff bicycle seats for sexual gratification.

* 36% of male iPhone users have experimented with autoerotic asphyxiation.

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