Tired of violence, doctor offers penile enlargements for assault rifles

Dr. Aretha Washington

Dr. Aretha Washington, a well respected Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, has an offer men can’t refuse-trade in your assault rifle for a larger penis.

New research lists Top Ten 420 favorite foods for 2011

crab cakes

It’s April 20th, aka 420, a celebration of the cannabis subculture.  Researchers at the Colorado Mountain College in Dillon, Colorado have released the Top Ten 420 favorite foods for 2011 in accordance with this day.

CDC: Man infected with Hepatitis A after borrowing phone used in bathroom

We have all been in a public restroom and listened to someone talking on their cellular phone while sitting on the toilet.  Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have identified a 36 year old male who was infected with Hepatitis A after borrowing a phone from someone who had been using it […]

Government study reveals sexual habits of women with breast implants

breast implants

A $532,000 study, funded by government stimulus money, surveyed 1,231 women who had breast enhancement surgery within the past 5 years.  The government also surveyed 3,289 women without breast implants as a control group.

Medical mystery: Man’s face stuck after self-gratification

Stuck Face

Doctors are baffled by the first recorded case of a person whose facial expression froze after masturbation.  For Peter Jergen, 32, this facial paralysis is no laughing matter.