Bedridden fat woman becomes online dating sensation

Half Ton HenriettaA thousand pound woman has become a meteoric hit on OKCupid, the popular online dating site.  Half_Ton_Henrietta, the woman’s online screen name, unabashedly advertises her promiscuity on a blanket in her profile picture.

Unable to get out of bed, Half_Ton_Henrietta relies on men she meets through OKCupid not only to feed her, but to empty her bedpan.  Half_Ton_Henrietta’s size has not been a deterrent to having as many as 5 dates per day.  In her online profile, Half_Ton_Henrietta describes her body type as “A little extra”.

Chris Coyne, co-founder of OKCupid, confessed that he had “tapped it” when asked to comment on this story.  Half_Ton_Henrietta also had a confession to make.  “I am only given a bath once a week.”