Thousands of Apple fanboys hold candlelight vigil for Steve Jobs

candlelight vigilUp to 10,000 Apple devotees, or “fanboys” as they refer to themselves, have formed a candlelight vigil outside of Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California.

After Apple’s announcement that Steve Jobs was taking a medical leave of absence, Apple fanboys started to gather.  Bound by a common devotion, fanboys revere the Apple CEO as their “Savior”.  Up to 10,000 Apple fanboys around the world have formed a suicide pact, choosing to end their lives should Jobs die.  There are rumors at the vigil that many of the attendees have brought the “kool-aid” in preparation for Jobs’ demise.

Local mental health professionals are urging Apple to send grief counselors to the candlelight vigil to prevent fanboys from taking  any drastic actions should Jobs die.