Verizon iPhone found in massage parlor after police raid

Verizon iPhoneA Las Vegas Police Department spokesperson has confirmed that a Verizon Wireless iPhone was found at a downtown massage parlor after a police raid.

The Happy Touch Oriental Massage Parlor had been the subject of a six month long police investigation into prostitution and money laundering.  Las Vegas is hosting the 2011 International CES this week, a time when business surges at local massage parlors.  A decision was made to conduct the raid during the annual convention to demonstrate that Las Vegas is intent on cleaning up its sleazy image.

The raid, conducted at 1:30am local time this morning, yielded the arrest of eight masseuses and seven customers.  The lone customer who escaped arrest left the Verizon Wireless iPhone in the room.  The white male, in his late 50’s, is alleged to have run to a waiting limousine which took off before police could arrest the suspect.  Police were planning to subpoena call records in an attempt to identify the suspect.

A Verizon Wireless spokesperson declined to even confirm the existence of the Verizon Wireless iPhone.