NRA reacts to Norway tragedy: Americans “inept”

NRA logo

With at least 85 people shot dead by a lone shooter at a youth camp in Norway, the National Rifle Association has reacted with disdain towards former American mass shooters.

After birth certificate defeat, Trump issues new challenge to Obama

Donald Trump

Donald Trump lost the public relations battle with President Obama this week when the president released his birth certificate.  Trump had been insisting that Obama was not born in this country.  Undeterred, Trump is now challenging the president to prove that he is really black.

Pelosi: Obama bent over for the Republicans

Nancy Pelosi

According to sources within the Democratic Party, a visibly angry Nancy Pelosi lashed out at President Obama in a closed-door meeting.  “President Obama bent over for the Republicans and took it up the keester,” vented Pelosi. Members of the Democratic Party held a closed-door session to discuss President Obama’s compromise with Republicans on a proposed tax […]

Republican tax plan includes incentives for puppy mills, no unemployment benefits

Puppy Mill

Republican leaders have proposed a new tax bill that will offer incentives for puppy mills and completely cuts out extended unemployment benefits.

Scott Brown: Long term unemployed are “lazy loafers”

Massachusetts Senator Brown

At a $100 per person Holiday party in Boston last night, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown told his affluent audience of supporters why he cast the deciding vote blocking extended unemployment benefits.