After birth certificate defeat, Trump issues new challenge to Obama

Donald TrumpDonald Trump lost the public relations battle with President Obama this week when the president released his birth certificate.  Trump had been insisting that Obama was not born in this country.  Undeterred, Trump is now challenging the president to prove that he is really black.

“I have a great relationship with the blacks,” mused Trump.  “If they won’t claim Obama as one of their own, then he ain’t black.”  Trump claims that he has had conversations with “many average blacks” who insist that Obama is not black.  “I talk to the blacks who wash cars, bus tables, sweep floors, play basketball, sell crack, and bust rhymes.  You know, everyday blacks.  They tell me confidentially the Obama is not black and this offends most blacks.” 

When asked how Obama should prove he was black, Trump quoted the late Carl Sagan.  “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”  A spokesperson for the Obama administration told Dead Serious News off the record that the president would consider addressing the nation on this issue if the controversy grew.