Pelosi: Obama bent over for the Republicans

Nancy PelosiAccording to sources within the Democratic Party, a visibly angry Nancy Pelosi lashed out at President Obama in a closed-door meeting.  “President Obama bent over for the Republicans and took it up the keester,” vented Pelosi.

Members of the Democratic Party held a closed-door session to discuss President Obama’s compromise with Republicans on a proposed tax plan.  Democrats are not only angered by some provisions in the plan, but the fact they were not included in negotiations.  Extension of tax cuts for the rich and incentives for puppy mills are among the items that Democrats protested during the meeting.  Many Democrats have threatened to rebel against the proposed tax plan. 

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, had a more philosophical question regarding Obama’s private meeting with the Republicans.  “Given the GOP’s penchant for buggery, why didn’t the president at least leave the door open?”