Republican tax plan includes incentives for puppy mills, no unemployment benefits

Puppy MillRepublican leaders have proposed a new tax bill that will offer incentives for puppy mills and completely cuts out extended unemployment benefits.

“Mass Canine Breeding Facilities” will be given tax incentives not only to hire more staff, but to increase production.  Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who has recently described the long term unemployed as “lazy loafers”, is a co-sponsor of the bill.  “Giving more handouts to the unemployed does not create jobs,” Brown explained.  “Offering tax incentives to Mass Canine Breeding Facilities will not only create up to 600,000 new jobs over the next 12 months, but will increase pet store inventories by 3 million dogs.  Pet stores are suffering from a shortage of inventory, which means they need to cut their staff.”

A representative for the Obama administration said that the president was studying the Republicans’ new proposal.