Toilet maker hopes to make ton of cash on obesity epidemic

Large Toilet

According to recent estimates, approximately 6% of the U.S. population is morbidly obese.  Being a supersized human can create issues when using a standard toilet.  SuperSized Johns, Inc. is hoping to make a crap load of money selling a commode designed especially for people weighing in excess of 400 pounds.

Walmart facing acute shortage of scooters

Faced with an increasing epidemic of obesity in America, Walmart has been hit with a decreasing supply of scooters for its obese customers.  The shortage has been so chronic in some areas that two hour waits for a scooter are not uncommon during peak shopping times, leading to a barrage of complaints from their corpulent […]

Small start-up cashes in on Camel Toe fad

Camel Toe

Labia implants are the new breast implants.  Collagen injections simply don’t work on the other set of lips.”, Larry Depp states gleefully.  Depp is the CEO of Labia Enhancements, Inc.  A visionary of female cosmetic surgery trends, Depp developed a small silicone implant that is surgically inserted into the labia of women who wish to have fuller lips.  “Our labia implants can give any woman […]