Justin Bieber goes on 1,218 tweet rant after Grammy snub

Bieber Grammy snub

Justin Bieber, who lost the Best New Artist Grammy to Esperanza Spalding, vented his frustration on Twitter last night.  Beiber’s fans, who referred to themselves as “Beliebers”, demonstrated their solidarity by re-tweeting their idol’s rants.

Thousands of gay men line up for Verizon iPhone

Gay Men line up for iPhone

Across the country, thousands of scantily clad gay men lined up overnight at Verizon and Apple stores in anticipation of  the Verizon iPhone going on sale today.  Representatives for Apple and Verizon stated that they have been overwhelmed by the response of the gay community.

Super Bowl trophy damaged in drunken shower celebration

Super Bowl Trophy

A close source within the NFL disclosed that the Vince Lombardi Trophy, awarded to the Green Bay Packers for winning Super Bowl XLV, was damaged in their locker room shortly after being awarded.

Prison officials in Iowa find innovative solution to reduce rape

soap on a rope

Determined to reduce the incidence of  rape in their prisons, the Iowa Department of Corrections have found an inexpensive solution.  Standard bars of soap in the showers will be replaced with ‘soap on a rope’.

CDC: Man infected with Hepatitis A after borrowing phone used in bathroom

We have all been in a public restroom and listened to someone talking on their cellular phone while sitting on the toilet.  Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have identified a 36 year old male who was infected with Hepatitis A after borrowing a phone from someone who had been using it […]