Justin Bieber goes on 1,218 tweet rant after Grammy snub

Bieber Grammy snubJustin Bieber, who lost the Best New Artist Grammy to Esperanza Spalding, vented his frustration on Twitter last night.  Beiber’s fans, who referred to themselves as “Beliebers”, demonstrated their solidarity by re-tweeting their idol’s rants.

Prior to embarking on his all night tweeting spree, Bieber was seen backstage sobbing uncontrollably in the arms of his mother.  After he had calmed down, Bieber was seen being escorted to his limousine while using his iPhone.  Once in the limo, “The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences sucks donkey dong” was the young Canadian’s first tweet.  “Esperanza Spalding can lick my balls” soon followed.  Bieber continued to tweet at a furious pace, posting as many as ten messages per minute, according to a source at Twitter.  With Beiber’s followers retweeting every message, Twitter’s servers slowed to a crawl.  Bieber’s Twitter barrage lasted until the early morning hours.  In his final tweet, 1218 in all, Bieber noted that it was Valentine’s Day.  “It’s V Day and I have a heart on.  I copped a quick feel of Lady Gaga backstage last night.”