Thousands of gay men line up for Verizon iPhone

Gay Men line up for iPhoneAcross the country, thousands of scantily clad gay men lined up overnight at Verizon and Apple stores in anticipation of  the Verizon iPhone going on sale today.  Representatives for Apple and Verizon stated that they have been overwhelmed by the response of the gay community.

Alphonse Descartes, a lumberjack from the rural mountains of Northern California, traveled over 100 miles to join a group of gay cyber friends in line at Verizon’s Mission store in San Francisco.  Descartes stood in line since noon yesterday to be the among the first to get their hands on a Verizon iPhone.  Descartes and his friends, wearing nothing but skimpy European style bathing suits, relied on “Chardonnay, finger sandwiches, baby oil, and shared bodily warmth” as the temperatures dipped at night.

Descartes and company were among the lucky ones who were able to purchase an iPhone when the doors of the store opened at 7:00 am, but were disappointed when the store quickly ran out of studded leather cases.  While appreciating the business, employees at the Verizon’s Mission store were uncomfortable by the public displays of affection by the gay men, according to a Verizon salesperson who asked not to be named.

Hoping to capitalize on the strong demand from the gay community, Verizon has promised a “gay-friendly iPhone app store” by the end of the month.