Pfizer testing drug that prevents “morning wood”

At one time or another, all men have experienced the humiliation and inconvenience of Nocturnal Penile Tumescence, better known as “morning wood”.  NPT is unpredictable and can strike on any given morning.  The effects can range from the need to assume an awkward position to urinate to having to strategically place a prop to conceal the swollen member.

New FDA approved device silences queefs

queef silencer

Whether you call them queefs or varts, that flatulent sound that can unexpectedly come from between a woman’s legs can be humiliating.  The FDA has approved a new medical device that can silence queefs dead in their tracks.

EPA issues warning on Dihydrogen Oxide

Dihydrogen Oxide

The Environmental Protection Agency, acting on the largest study of its kind ever, has issued an urgent warning on the dangers of Dihydrogen Oxide.  The $4.5 billion study found that over 3,000 people die annually of Dihydrogen Oxide inhalation.

President Obama launches “Rhythm Project” to fight obesity among whites

Obama dancing

Determined not to stand by while his wife fights childhood obesity with her “Let’s Move” campaign, President Obama has targeted obesity among whites.  The goal of the “Rhythm Project” is not only to reduce the waistlines of white Americans, but also to promote racial harmony.  “If I can instill some rhythm in white folk, then […]