Pfizer testing drug that prevents “morning wood”

Morning WoodAt one time or another, all men have experienced the humiliation and inconvenience of Nocturnal Penile Tumescence, better known as “morning wood”.  NPT is unpredictable and can strike on any given morning.  The effects can range from the need to assume an awkward position to urinate to having to strategically place a prop to conceal the swollen member.

Pfizer is currently in the testing phase of a promising new drug, that when taken just before bedtime, would prevent NPT.  Limpestra  was demonstrated to be 90% effective in animal trials of rats and primates.  Limited human testing has shown a similar rate of effectiveness. 

Side effects of Limpestra seem to be limited to persistent flaccidity, premature ejaculation, hairy palms, and male pattern baldness.  Pfizer insists that these side effects only occur in about 50% of users.  FDA approval of Limpestra should occur sometime this year.