Wife bites off man’s tongue during foreplay

Karen LuedersSheboygan Police have charged Karen Lueders with mayhem-domestic violence after biting her husband’s tongue off during a hot foreplay session in the couple’s home.

Karen Lueders, believed to be in her 50’s, reportedly became very aroused while engaging in foreplay with her 79-year-old husband at about 11:00 p.m. last night.  According to police, Lueders was straddling her husband on the bed with her hand on his genitals, liplocked in a deep, passionate kiss.  When Lueders requested that her husband “toss her salad”, he refused, stating that she was “not every fresh down there”.  Lueders became extremely agitated and bit her husband’s tongue in half. 

When police and rescue crews arrived at their home,  Lueder’s threw “a large adult novelty item” at them, according to the police report.  The alleged victim was scheduled to have surgery to re-attach his tongue.  Karen Lueders faces 25 years in prison if convicted for a charge connected to intentional mutilation.