Tom Shane injured in bizarre accident in Bangkok hotel

Tom ShaneTom Shane, the familiar voice of the Shane Company jewelry store chain, is on life support in a Bangkok hospital after being found hanging bound and gagged from the ceiling of his hotel room.  Shane is known for his frequent visits to Bangkok to personally select gem stones and pearls for his stores.

A maid found Shane unconscious wearing a diaper with hands and feet bound with studded leather straps, wearing a ball gag in his mouth.  The diaper was reportedly soiled.  Shane is in a coma and unable to talk to authorities at this time, although the hotel is known to provide prostitutes for their guests.  A bottle of personal lubricant and a “very large phallic toy” were taken by the police as evidence.

Rumors have swirled for years why Shane needed to travel so frequently to Bangkok.  Shane, in his radio commercials, claims that he personally selects every gem stone for his stores.  Some of Shane’s competitors claim that he is a sexual deviant.  This latest incident will only fuel the speculation.

A local prostitute who goes by the name “Pink Snapper” claims to have warned Shane that his “preferences were dangerous” last month.  Pink Snapper stated that she was not surprised to hear of Shane’s fate.  “He’s also a poor tipper,” she added.