Pink Cross Publishing: A gay-friendly bible in every motel room

Adam and StevePink Cross Publishing, flush with cash after the success of their gay-friendly bible, has promised to put a copy of the controversial book in every motel room in North America.

Maury Berkowitz, the owner of Pink Cross Publishing, has an ambitious plan.  “Our gay-friendly bible will be resting comfortably with Gideon’s bible in the nightstand of your motel room by the end of the year,” states Berkowitz.  “We’ve been picketed by Christian groups and that has only emboldened our efforts.”

Motel chains are reluctant to put the gay-friendly bible in their rooms due to mounting pressure from conservative Christian groups.  Berkowitz plans to sue any motel chain that bars the gay-friendly bible from their rooms.  “We have sold enough the gay-friendly bibles to be able to give away hundreds of thousands of them to motel chains, as well as fund our legal efforts to ensure the books are accepted,” added Berkowtiz.

A children’s version of the gay-friendly bible is in the works, but it will not be for sale.  “Our children’s bible will be donated to schools and public libraries across the United States,” according to Berkowitz.