Pfizer stock goes limp on news of Hefner engagement

Hefner And Harris

Hugh Hefner, the 84-year-old founder of Playboy, is getting married for the third time.  Pfizer shares dropped sharply in response to Hefner’s announcement.

Hefner’s new fiancee is Crystal Harris, the 24 year old December 2009 playmate of the month.  The Viagra-popping media magnate is a walking billboard for Pfizer.  Investors fear that once Hefner is married, Harris will stop putting out.  Given that Hefner accounts for about 10% of Pfizer’s Viagra sales, Harris crossing her legs would put a serious dent in their bottom line. 

An unnamed source within Pfizer has acknowledged that Hefner is not likely to get much after getting married and Pfizer was looking at cutting jobs to compensate for the lost sales.