Next James Bond film to be set in WikiLeaks bunker

WikiLeaks servers bunkerAfter PayPal shut down their account, WikiLeaks has struck a deal with the producers of the next James Bond film said to be worth in excess of $1 million.

Unable to collect much needed donations when PayPal closed their account, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was approached by a representative of the James Bond franchise.  The Cold War era bunker inside a Swedish mountain is said to be the “perfect location for a James Bond movie.”  Daniel Craig, who will be playing James Bond again, is said to have been personally moved by the role WikiLeaks played in the pardon of Percy Cummings and was “absolutely devastated” by PayPal’s decision.

Julian Assange has agreed to a small role in the new film for an additional $250,000.  Anna Chapman, the Russian business woman who was deported to her home country from the U.S. for spying, is also up for a small role.  Chapman is currently working on a pornographic biography of Mata Hari in which she is in the starring role.