New research lists Top Ten 420 favorite foods for 2011

crab cakesIt’s April 20th, aka 420, a celebration of the cannabis subculture.  Researchers at the Colorado Mountain College in Dillon, Colorado have released the Top Ten 420 favorite foods for 2011 in accordance with this day.

Dr. Herb Green, the lead researcher of this study funded with Federal stimulus money, and his team interviewed 2,125 marijuana smokers nationwide ranging in age from 18 to 94 years old.  Each participant was asked to list their three favorite foods they enjoyed while being under the influence of cannabis.  Scientists were baffled by the final results.  “Quite frankly, none of what you would view as traditional stoner food made the list,” Dr. Green noted.  The study had a sampling error of 2.97%.

The Top Ten 420 favorite foods for 2011:

10)  Fish and chips covered with cream of tomato soup

9)  Deep fried Fruit Loops

8)  Milk Bones in chocolate milk

7)  Rocky Mountain Oysters tartare

6)  Cheetos fondue

5)  Ding Dongs topped with Grey Poupon

4)  Head Cheese

3)  Vienna sausages baked in marshmallow cream

2)  Denny’s Bacon Maple Sundae

1)  Crab cakes ala mode

Dr. Green acknowledged that the study participants were “stoned” during their interviews and might have been “playing head games with the interviewers”.