“National Gross-Out Day” called to protest TSA pat-downs

November 24, the day before Thanksgiving, has been designated “National Opt-Out Day” to protest the TSA’s new full-body scanners.  Travelers are being encouraged to boycott full-body scans in favor of a pat-down.  The organizers of “National Gross-Out Day” want to take the protest one step further.

National Gross-Out Day organizers are not satisfied that opting for the pat-downs in lieu of the full-body scans will send the right message.  “Why should we let the TSA touch our junk with impunity,” remarked Chester Nighswonger, whose protest idea has taken off like wildfire.  “We are encouraging all travelers on November 24th to stop bathing immediately and opt for a pat-down.”  The idea, said Nighswonger, is to “gross out” the TSA employees performing the pat-downs.  Protesters are also being encouraged not to change their underwear between now and November 24.  “Pat-downs stink for passengers and we’ll make them stink for the TSA,” Nighswonger added.