Michele Bachmann claims to have copy of ‘Gay Agenda’

Gay AgendaCongresswoman and GOP hopeful Michele Bachmann has announced that she has a copy of the official ‘Gay Agenda’ in her possession.

A spokesperson for Bachmann stated that she obtained the alleged document from her husband, Dr. Marcus Bachmann, a clinical therapist who claims one can “pray the gay away.”  The agenda is purported to have been given to Dr. Bachmann by a patient who was a “very prominent member of the gay community” and claimed to be cured of his homosexuality by the clinic.  Congresswoman Bachmann has promised to release the unedited document on her campaign website.

The Gay Agenda is alleged to contain  information on “recruitment techniques”, interior decorating, civil disobedience, physical fitness, the gay-friendly bible, as well as adoption and marriage for same-sex couples.  Bachmann claims that the document will “shift the public tide against tolerance of the abhorrent gay lifestyle.”