Kosher deli sells out of Hanukkah hams

Hanukkah HamIt’s that time of year again on the Jewish calendar.  Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day Jewish holiday.  Every year, the Horowitz and Sons Kosher Deli in Brooklyn, New York, offers a rare treat for fellow Jews-Hanukkah hams!

Claiming that their Hanukkah hams are the only officially Kosher certified pork product on the planet, Horowitz and Sons has been doing a brisk business for over 50 years.  Since Larry King, a Brooklyn native, waxed nostalgic about Hanukkah hams on his show last week, Horowitz and Sons’ phone has been ringing off the hook.  Lines for the deli have been long and steady too.  Many of the deli’s regular customers are upset about the long lines and the recently instituted limit of one ham per customer. 

Not prepared for Larry King’s endorsement, Horowitz and Sons sold the last ham earlier this morning, leaving hundreds of disappointed people standing in line.  “It simply not Hanukkah without the traditional Hanukkah ham,” complained Saul, an Orthodox Jew from Flatbush.