Justin Bieber offers “mustache rides” to screaming teen girls

Justin Bieber In MustacheTo a chorus of screams from teenage girls, along with sighs of disgust from parents, Justin Bieber offered “mustache rides” to his female fans while performing at a mall in Edmonton, Canada.

The West Edmonton Mall was the venue for a free promotional show.  Bieber is currently on tour with the express intent of showing off his new facial hair, not to promote his music.  Many of Bieber’s fans were carrying signs expressing their adoration of the mustache. 

Caught up in the fervor, Bieber was giddy with enthusiasm, according to some concerned parents who attended the show.  “Who wants to come up on stage for a mustache ride after the show?”, Bieber screamed.  The crowd of mostly teenage girls pushed forward, causing near panic among the security guards in front of the stage.

Parents were not pleased with Bieber’s performance and complained to the West Edmonton Mall management.  One parent said she would take matters into her own hands.  “I’m going to destroy my daughters iPod with a ball-peen hammer when I get home.”