Jack LaLanne dead at 96, to be “juiced”

Jack LaLanne juicer

Jack LaLanne, the fitness guru who helped bring fitness training to TV, has died at the age of 96.  LaLanne died of respiratory failure due to pneumonia yesterday.  His wife, Elaine, was by his side at the time of death.

LaLanne became well known later in life for his Power Juicer infomercials.  Jay Kordich, aka The Juiceman, the original juicer infomercial pitchman, was a bitter rival of LaLanne.  Kordich and LaLanne became “like brothers” in the last few years, according to an old friend of LaLanne.  The two juicer pitchmen made a secret pact with each other-the first one that died would have their remains put through the rival juicer by the surviving member of the pact.  Once juiced, LaLanne’s remains would be poured into the Pacific Ocean outside of Venice Beach, popularly known as Muscle Beach.  Kordich’s publicist has refused comment on the story, but his lawyer is said to be checking California statutes and case law to determine the legality of the pact. 

LaLanne’s body is currently being kept in cryogenic suspension pending a decision on how his remains would be handled.