Heidi Jones accused of filing false sexual assault report

Heidi JonesHeidi Jones, a meteorologist for New York’s WABC-TV has been arrested, accused of falsely reporting an attempted sexual assault to police.  The alleged sexual assault attempt took place on September 24 in Central Park, but was not reported until November 24.

Jones described the attacker as a Hispanic male in his 30s.  Her story began to fall apart when questioned by three separate detectives at different times.  Jones claimed a different orifice had been violated on each occasion.  Detectives had also noticed that the alleged suspect had miraculously grown a foreskin between the first and third versions of her story.

Confronted with the inconsistencies in her story, Jones threw herself to the floor and tearfully recanted her allegations.  Police then subdued Jones with a Taser and cuffed her.  According to a statement read on WABC, Jones has been suspended from the station pending an internal investigation.