Governor Perry of Texas abruptly reverses position on home schooling

Home SchoolerShocked by a misspelled sign from a supporter (pictured),  Governor Rick Perry of Texas reversed his support of home schooling.  “HOMESCHOLERS[sic] FOR PERRY,” read the sign that caused the Lone Star State governor to have an epiphany.

“No wonder Kansas ranks ahead of Texas in education,” remarked Perry at a hastily arranged news conference.  “That sign was the death knell to home schooling in the state of Texas.  We Texans look like a bunch of retards now.”

In response to Governor Perry’s announcement, the Texas Home School Coalition Political Action Committee have withdrawn their endorsement of Perry in the 2010 Texas gubernatorial race.  The THSC PAC will now sponsor a write-in campaign for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a strong supporter of home schooling.  “Sarah Palin’s cerebral prowess is an inspiration to all home schooling parents,” a THSC PAC spokesperson noted.