Government study reveals sexual habits of women with breast implants

breast implantsA $532,000 study, funded by government stimulus money, surveyed 1,231 women who had breast enhancement surgery within the past 5 years.  The government also surveyed 3,289 women without breast implants as a control group.

The study on the sexual habits of women with breast implants revealed that they were 253% more likely to engage in sexual practices that resulted in male ejaculate on their chest.  Women who had breast enhancement surgery were also 43% more likely to pick up a stranger at a bar, 126% more likely to engage in anal sex, and 378% more likely to have perform sexual acts on stage with a German Shepard.

Dow Corning, a major manufacturer of breast implants, is  disputing the results of the government study.  Their own internal studies show that women who receive breast implants tend to be women who have conservative sexual values and hold college degrees.