French president bombs Libya to impress hot wife

Carla Bruni-SarkozyFrench President Nicolas Sarkozy officially sent French air power into Libya to enforce a U.N. Security Council sanctioned no-fly zone to protect rebel forces.  A source within the French government told Dead Serious News that Sarkozy had a different motivation.

Sarkozy is not only suffering in popularity with the French people, but also with his wife, ex-model Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.  According to our source, Sarkozy’s real motivation for being the first country to move its air power into Libya was not for the sake of the rebels, but to curry favor with his very attractive wife.  Bruni-Sarkozy has been frustrated with her husband’s long hours and his “lack of desire” when he gets home after a long day.  She has also described the French president as a “wimp”.

Upon hearing that her husband had been the first to send air power into Libya, Bruni-Sarkozy was heard telling him, “Je suis très chaud, monsieur le président”, which means, “I am very hot, Mr. President.”  They excused themselves a short time later after the French First Lady was observed seductively caressing her husband’s inner thigh during an emergency staff meeting.

Calls to President Sarkozy asking for comment on this story were not returned.