Fat man sets multiple marathon records

Sumo Kelly GneitingA 400-pound sumo wrestler from Idaho broke the old record of 275
pounds, becoming the heaviest person to complete a marathon, setting a Guinness World Record.

Kelly Gneiting, a self-proclaimed “Fat Man”, finished the Los Angeles marathon in 9 hours, 48 minutes and 52 seconds, easily beating his own unofficial personal best of just under 12 hours.

In addition to setting the record for the heaviest person to finish a marathon, Gneiting also set the record for the slowest time of an able-bodied person.  Eating 12 large pepperoni pizzas and drinking 16 cans of Diet Coke, the portly sumo wrestler also broke the record for the amount of food consumed during a marathon.

Gneiting was thankful for the thinning crowds as he was the last person to finish.  “I was a little gassy for the last 8 miles of the race and I did not want to offend any onlookers,” Gneiting remarked after the race.  His post-marathon dinner included a well-deserved bucket of KFC chicken and a six pack of Miller Lite.