Exclusive: NetFlix to produce Casey Anthony documentary

Casey Anthony

On the heels of NetFlix’s price increase fury and the outrage over the Casey Anthony verdict, NetFlix announced they would be producing a documentary on the life of Casey Anthony.

The deal will be worth ten million dollars to Anthony, according to a source within NetFlix who asked not to be identified.  “The money from this deal will allow Ms. Anthony to get on with her life.  NetFlix will have exclusive rights to show the documentary via streaming, DVD, as well as blu-ray.”
Anthony will be given creative control over the project.  The documentary will offer a sympathetic view of Anthony and reenact the circumstances of her daughter Caylee’s death and the disposal of her body.
Nancy Grace of HLN was enraged by the news.  “First off, NetFlix raises the price of my subscription, now they want to make that stinking baby killer rich.  NetFlix is going down for this!”