Details of Gary Coleman’s accident “embarrassing”

Gary Coleman DeadGary Coleman, the former child star, died yesterday after being removed from life support.  He was 42.  Coleman was stricken with a brain hemorrhage following an accident at his home in Santaquin, Utah, on Wednesday, according to a hospital spokeswoman.  A friend close to the family called the details of the accident “embarrassing”.

Earlier this year, Coleman threatened to sue the studio for not deleting a scene in the movie Midgets vs. Mascots.  In the controversial scene, Coleman dons a prosthetic penis for a fight scene in a shower.  The scene ultimately remained in the movie. 

Prior to his untimely death, Coleman was to star in the sequel to Midgets vs. Mascots.  According to a source close to Coleman, to prepare for the role, Coleman donned a much longer prosthetic penis for what was to be another nude fight scene.  While vacuuming his living room floor, the prosthetic penis became caught in the vacuum.  Coleman lost balance and hit his head on the edge of the coffee table.  Coleman was later found unconscious by his wife, Shannon Price, who called for an ambulance.

A source within the local police department stated that the prosthetic penis is being held as evidence until a thorough investigation into Coleman’s death is complete.  There are also unconfirmed rumors that a wealthy collector of Diff’rent Strokes memorabila has offered a seven figure sum to Shannon Price for the prosthetic penis.