Democrats’ “Thank a baby killer” campaign targets pro-lifers

baby killerThe Democratic party has been traditionally pro-choice on the abortion issue, where as Republicans have been traditionally pro-life.  Many pro-lifers are traditionally one issue voters-abortion.  With midterm elections coming this November, Democrats want to take some of the pro-life vote away from the Republicans.

Eager to capitalize on past legislative successes, Democrats want to remind pro-lifers that many popular modern  programs are a result of the efforts of the Democratic party. 

Many pro-choice candidates have been dubbed as “baby killers” by pro-lifers.  The Democratic party wants to take back that derogatory term.  “If you are enjoying your monthly Social Security check, thank a baby killer,” reads a billboard in rural Texas.  The tag line for a targeted radio campaign states, “Thank a baby killer for the balanced  Federal budgets in the 90’s.”

Leaders from the Democratic party want pro-life voters to remember that the Democrats are responsible for a multitude of popular social programs.  One Democratic campaign worker’s t-shirt is emblazoned with “Thank a baby killer for Social Security, Medicare, and FMLA.”