Delonte West admits to sex with LeBron James’ mother

Delonte West

After Basketball Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy disclosed that rumors of Delonte West having sex with Gloria James, teammate LeBron James’ mother, were “absolutely true” and “absolutely horrifying”, West issued a statement of his own.

“Yeah, I hit it and I hit it hard,”  admitted West, referring to having sex with Gloria James.  “That bitch is a total MILF.  I went in the same place LeBron came out.”  When asked if the encounter was the reason the Cleveland Cavaliers lost the Eastern Conference Semifinals, West appeared to be mocking LeBron James.  “LeBron couldn’t handle it when I told him that I did his mama doggy style and that she swallows.”

LeBron James reacted harshly to West’s public admission.  “When I am done with Delonte, that boy will never be able to go muff diving on my mama again.”

Calvin Murphy speculated that LeBron James may need to take some time off.