Dateless fat chick goes to NHL playoff game instead of prom

Fat Chick Avalanche

Dressed up and dateless, an 18 year old Commerce City, Colorado teen opted to wear her prom dress to Game 6 of the NHL Western Conference playoffs.  Gertrude Willis was determined not to let her peers’ aversion to fat chicks spoil her Senior Prom.

“Like, guys are, like, ashamed to be seen at the prom with a fat chick,” bemoaned Willis.  “Then if a fat chick, like, gets a date, the guy expects her to put out.  I’m tired of putting out and being dumped the next day.”

The featured attraction was the Colorado Avalanche playing to stay alive in the Western Conference playoffs against the San Jose Sharks.  The Colorado Avalanche were beaten 5-2.

The Colorado Avalanche being eliminated from the playoffs on her prom night did not seem to dampen Willis’ spirits one bit.  “It’s better than going to your Senior Prom alone and standing around like a doofus,” reflected Willis.  “Last year, I, like, went to my Junior Prom with a pimply face geek who took me to, like, Burger King for dinner.  After the dance, he wanted a BJ.  I, like, said that if he wanted a BJ he should have, like, taken me to the Country Buffet for dinner.  DUH!”