Cross-eyed policewoman becomes Internet sensation

Cross-eyed policewomanA cross-eyed policewoman from rural Thailand, for no apparent reason, has become an Internet sensation.

Phrueksa Jantanan, whose picture was taken by the local press at a Buddhist monastery that was the center of a cannibalism ring, has been overwhelmed by the attention.  Jantanan has received several offers to star in a reality series.  Several men’s magazines have also offered her money for pictorials.  Jantanan, who cares for her elderly parents, will use the proceeds of her fame to support them financially.

The 28 year old policewoman, who has never been kissed by a man, is now receiving marriage proposals on a daily basis.  As for her eyes, Jantanan has turned down an offer from a local opthamologist to fix them.  “My eyes are now my claim to fame,” Jantanan told a local reporter.