Cash-strapped Greek animal shelter lets online users kill animals

Dog in carbon monoxide chamberThe current financial crisis in Greece has wide-ranging consequences for everyone, including their animal population.  Greeks are unable to afford their pets or donations to animal shelters, creating a critical situation.  One shelter believes it has found a win-win solution-let online visitors euthanize unwanted pets from the comfort of their homes.

Snuffalucolus, a small town outside of Athens, has been thrust on to the world stage by a decision by their local animal shelter to allow online users to pay 250 Euros to kill dogs and cats in a carbon monoxide chamber.  After the fee is paid, the user is given a special password and a designated time.  Once the page is accessed, the chamber is filled with carbon monoxide gas with the click of a mouse button.  A web cam allows the user to witness the death live.  For another 100 Euros, a copy of the video is sent.

Animal rights groups are understandably outraged, but shelter officials are quick to defend themselves.  “These animals are scheduled to die and we are broke,” the shelter stated in a written response to our inquiry.  “They die humanely so that others can live.  People from all over the world have participated in this unique funding program.” 

Greek government officials have stated while this program is distasteful, it is perfectly legal.