Camilla belches “God Save The Queen”, Prince Charles “absolutely humiliated”

Camilla BelchesCamilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was clearly intoxicated when she belched “God Save The Queen” to a shocked audience at a charity fundraiser last night.

Witnesses observed Camilla and her husband, Prince Charles, having a “very animated conversation” in their Rolls Royce for several minutes prior to entering the auditorium where Camilla was scheduled to give a speech after dinner to raise funds for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Nocturnal Emissions, an organization near and dear to Prince Charles.  The Royal couple reportedly sat in silence during dinner, while Camille, according to witnesses, was seen putting back 5 to 6 pints of beer.

Camilla was called to the podium after dinner to give her speech.  A little wobbly on her feet, the Duchess of Cornwall made her way on stage.  Slurring her speech, Camilla took a few verbal snipes at her husband and mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II.  Prince Charles was clearly mortified, according to eyewitness reports.  Camilla asked the audience to stand to accompany her to God Save The Queen, the British national anthem.  After counting to three, Camilla started to burp the words to the song.  The crowd sat in stunned silence in response.

An unidentified member of Prince Charles’ staff told Dead Serious News that he was “absolutely humiliated”.  There was one silver lining to the evening.  The Royal Society for the Prevention of Nocturnal Emissions raised a record amount  of money from the sympathetic crowd.