BP to give away oil in spill cleanup effort

BPIn an effort to clean up the aftermath of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP is offering an incentive to any member of the public who wants to roll up their sleeves and pitch in-free oil.

In a just issued press release, BP is allowing members of the public to keep any oil that they can scavenge from the massive Gulf oil leak.  “BP realizes that many lives have been financially impacted by the spill.  We would like to put the American entrepreneurial spirit to good use by allowing the public an opportunity to take this once in a lifetime chance to become oil millionaires.”

Since the April 20th oil rig explosion, BP estimates that there’s approximately $250 million worth of oil recoverable from the spill. As an added incentive, BP is deploying 50 “refinery on wheels” around the Gulf coast where any recovered oil can be refined into gasoline, diesel, or any number of petroleum products.

While environmental groups are outraged at BP’s offer, former Vice President Dick Cheney is among a number of people praising the idea.  The Obama administration has refused to comment until it has a chance to study BP’s proposal.