Alleged Michele Bachmann sex tape found

Michele Bachmann sex tapeA sex tape of Michele Bachmann has been found, according to an anonymous source within Texas Governor Rick Perry’s presidential campaign.

A screenshot of the purported sex tape was sent to Dead Serious News by Governor Perry’s campaign, Bachmann’s rival for the Republican presidential nomination.  According to the source, Bachmann is “performing oral sex on a well-endowed black male employed by her election campaign.”  How Governor Perry’s campaign came about the sex tape is unknown at this point.  The tape is alleged to be 15 minutes in length and features a “money shot” on Bachmann’s face at the end.

A spokesperson for Bachmann’s campaign refused to comment on the validity of the sex tape, however her spokesperson stated that a “full security review of campaign infrastructure was in progress to stop any further leaks.”

The  anonymous source within Texas Governor Rick Perry’s presidential campaign promised that the entire sex tape would become available online if Bachmann did not back out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination.