WikiLeaks to release Percy Cummings arrest documents

Julian AssangeHours before being place on Interpol’s most wanted list, Julian Assange announced that WikiLeaks was going to release thousands of documents related to the recent arrest of Percy Cummings, who is charged with sexually assaulting a TSA agent during a pat-down.

Cummings is currently being held in Federal custody without bail.  According to Assange, the documents will identify the alleged victim of the assault, as well as a pattern of official misconduct by him.  The leaked documents state that male TSA agents have reported being sexually harassed by the alleged victim.  He is also said to have used his agency seniority to be assigned exclusively to pat-down duty of male passengers.  Several of his colleagues have also expressed disdain with the enthusiasm he has shown performing the pat-downs.

Assange claims that the leaked documents “will lead to the shut down of the TSA.”  Calls and emails to the TSA asking for comment on the release of these documents have not been returned, however the TSA has stated that they are currently investigating the leak of the Percy Cummings arrest documents.

Citing the imminent demise of the TSA, Assange claims that the incident leading up to Cummings’ arrest would be “the shot heard around the world.”