“Teblowing” gaining popularity among Christians

TebowingTim Tebow, quarterback for the Denver Broncos, has not only energized Broncos fans, but Christians across the country.  Hero worship has inspired a new trend-Teblowing.

Teblowing is described as performing oral sex while Tebowing.  Missy Tobias,  a Southern Baptist, has described the experience as “spiritual.”  Gay or straight, millions of Christians are now Teblowing their significant others.  “When I’m Teblowing my husband, I feel closer to him and Jesus.  I scream ‘Amen’ when he shoots his load in my mouth,’ Tobias exclaimed.

A spokesperson for Focus on the Family, a conservative Christian organization located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, gave conditional support to this trend.  “We encourage married Christians to practice Teblowing.  However, we are concerned that this practice might become popular among the gay community and unmarried Christians.”