Passengers turn to cannibalism after 7 hour tarmac delay

Delta Tarmac DelayStuck on the tarmac for 7 hours due to the massive snowstorm in the Northeast, some passengers on a Delta flight resorted to cannibalism.  Members of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, or NAAFA, became famished after the onboard snacks were all eaten.

Eight members of NAAFA were on their way to NAAFA headquarters in Oakland, California, when flights were canceled at Newark airport.  Bertha Lipowitz, a 450 pound Camden resident, suffered a heart attack two hours into the delay.  The plane ran out of snacks two hours later.  After complaining of severe hunger pangs, the other seven NAAFA members decided to consume Lipowitz’s corpse.  Horrified onlookers were unable to stop the feeding frenzy.

After seven hours on the tarmac, authorities were able to enter the plane and remove what was left of Lipowitz’s corpse.  There are no laws in New Jersey against cannibalism when the death is the result of natural causes, so the other NAAFA members were free to travel to Oakland. 

Frances White, NAAFA co-chair, defended the actions of her members.  “There is nothing in the NAAFA charter that prohibits the consumption of human flesh.”