California body farm to market premium top soil

Body Farm

Corpus Fructuarius, a body farm located in the heart of California’s wine country, has announced that they will start marketing top soil, a byproduct of human decomposition.

Merriam-Webster adds ‘Santorum’ to its dictionary

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Citing Rick Santorum’s recent surge in the polls, as well as the “cultural significance” of the word, Merriam-Webster announced today that it would be adding ‘Santorum’ to the latest version of its dictionary.

Michele Bachmann claims to have copy of ‘Gay Agenda’

Gay Agenda

Congresswoman and GOP hopeful Michele Bachmann has announced that she has a copy of the official ‘Gay Agenda’ in her possession.

Dish Network adding DVR recording fee

Dish Network

Starting on January 15th, it will cost Dish Network customers 50 cents every time they record a program on their DVRs.  The new fee is being added to increase executive bonuses.

86 year old woman pepper-sprayed, stripped at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart logo

Ethel Waters, an 86 year old great-grandmother from Monroe, Louisiana, was pepper-sprayed by police upon exiting the public restroom at her local Wal-Mart store.  Her crime?  Shoplifting adult diapers.