New Greek tourist campaign targets lesbians

LesbosIn the grips of a serious financial crisis, Greece needs to find creative ways to bring in more tax revenue.  The Greek Tourism Board is determined to make its contribution to the effort.  As part of a $10 million advertising campaign, the Greek Tourism Board has hired Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson.  DeGeneres is pitching the Greek island of Lesbos to the U.S. lesbian community.  “Lesbos is the only island in the world with a 100% Lesbian population”, DeGeneres pitches in the radio advertisements.  However, the inhabitants of Lesbos have cried foul.  “Anyone who lives on Lesbos is a Lesbian,”, says an older male Lesbos resident who refused to be named.  “It’s misleading advertising.”

Greece is hoping to the emulate the successful campaign that brought gay male tourists to Butfuk, Egypt.